Ode to the Pioneer


The sun dips below the waves opposite a rising moon, slipping the world into darkness. Stars stream across the purple sky. Fires flicker on every island, a crude mirror of their celestial cousins. And what are people, but earthbound stars? New constellations form wherever they set foot, their fires and torches telling stories that would put the Greeks to shame.

The Warp was the catalyst for these stories, wrenching people from their normal lives into an unfamiliar land. They all arrived scared, disoriented, and empty-handed. But they would soon find that their shared ancestry of struggling through the wild was not buried as deep as they had imagined.

They made fire from twigs. From pebbles, blades. Reed stalks became ropes, binding still more pieces into tools. Simple leaves were woven into new canopies atop makeshift branch frames. These tents made even the coldest morning air into a gentle kiss. Firewood, soaked in flames, was burnt to embers, unlocking rich fragrances from the fruits and meat that sizzled above.

But humans are natural born explorers, and even this island paradise could not content them. Rafts drifted out to sea, oar to water and sail to sky, like seeds on the wind. Sailors navigated by twisting cloud and arcing star. The sunset burned the heavens a thrilling red as anchors found purchase on a new coast. With every billowing sail were found new worlds to explore.

Foreign lands bore foreign fruits, yielding knowledge and experience unique to every island. Fur-padded clothes protected against frigid tundra while the same attire was ventilated to fight the desert heat. Never before seen plants had their roots ground to medicine, their seeds harvested and sown until their stalks erupted from man-made fields. Chunks of exotic meat were cooked in pots boiling over with aromatic foam, or else were laid alongside pelts from the same beast to dry on racks. Other animals came to know humans as their friends and masters, sharing food at the fireside rather than becoming the main dish.

But not everything on Durango was new. Pioneers brought with them lessons from their old home, memories of plants and animals brought to extinction. They understood that simple survival was one thing. But to thrive in harmony with the world around them? That was another. That was a goal worthy of pursuit, a goal they carried with them as they spread new life from island to island.

Foot prints became roads. Tents became houses and trading posts became markets. The immediate needs of survival met, explorers colored life with art and music at every corner. The brave raised their banners, drawing others to their cause and spreading their flags across Durango. The people took their first step; and though this world may be cruel, though it may be hostile, they will not rest until they find an answer.

This is your story. You are the pioneers of the wild lands of Durango. You dared to explore, to dream, and became true trailblazers in this unfamiliar land. The people that follow you will be forever indebted to your pioneer spirit. However many boats follow, whatever new islands are discovered, this fact will never change.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments.

46 thoughts on “Ode to the Pioneer

  1. Galera manda quando vai ser lançado definitivamente tamos na esperano muito ancioso eu joguei cheguei ate o lv 26 o jogo ta muito bom


  2. Sabaa.
    Omg brilliant but so sad it ended already 😭 hope the release date of the official games soon! I miss my Durango buddies and clan ! 😔


  3. I Hope There Is An Earlier Release For The Official Pre-opening Of Durango. It Really Works Out, Because The Environment, Gameplay, Role Play, And Many More. I Bet Durango Is The First Of Its Kind To Be Played, And I Hope The Outcome Of Its Upcoming Official Release Could Be Better Than Expected, Also It Could Be Played Thru PC too.


  4. Melhor jogo de android que eu ja vi na vida so quem sabe e quem jogou eu fiquei no level 23 tava forte mais so tenho uma reclamação que o jogo oficial seja em português so isso so no entanto parabéns,ah que dia vai sair oficialmente?????


  5. anticipating the release of a game that has caught my attention. I cannot wait to call for friends and family to join me in this quest filled, free-roam, survival game of epic fun and adventure. It’seems a game where with and survival aren’the the only things needed. you will need to socialize and help others as they can help you all depending on the character you wish to be. Thank you for the beta.


  6. this awesome games i never seen before..
    i can’t sleep without playing this game..till every day i dream at midnight .. don know why… DURANGO please let us play again😢 and never stop this game from us😢😢😢😢😢😢😭


  7. why are you guys so long release of this game? I just could not wait so long again, please give us hope at least a little notice either one month or one year is not a problem we just want to know how long we have to wait for the best game of this? so that we do not wait to be a disappointment


  8. The poster girl is so damn hot. Shes even hotter in game pictures of her.

    Im waiting for the official release so i can play it. Id spend a few money for a well made game


  9. It was alot of fun and kinda addictive I got lost for hours just exploring the islands and collecting goodies. Can’t wait for the official release and thanks for the beta.


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